Why is BIPV so popular?(part 3)

BIPV component style

Various manufacturers are able to produce custom BIPV solar panels in various sizes, shapes, colors, transparencies and efficiencies. All of our photovoltaic products can be produced using full or cut solar cells according to demand.

1. Translucent BIPV module

Metsolar manufactures standard glass/glass, glass/backsheet BIPV solar panel options that can vary in size, shape, transparency, JB, etc. For seamless integration and hybrid designs.

Serve with a glass of your choice

Different transmittance

With full, diced, bifacial solar cells

Why is BIPV so popular?(part 3)

2. All Black/All Black Module

All black modules are used when full fusion with objects is required and stealth is required.

with satin glass

with float glass

3. Terracotta/red solar modules

Terracotta modules for BIPV projects are mainly focused on architectural heritage and old towns, areas where there are strong constraints on architectural design. This solution brings advantages and design freedom to architects, allowing them to have energy active roofs or solar facades, while keeping such buildings similar to their surroundings.

with terracotta glass

4. Colored glass module

Roofs and façades with stained glass from Kromatix™ (SwissINSO’s innovative solar glass) or modules produced with technology from Solaxess, where the solar cells are barely visible, really stand out.

12 dynamic colors

glass color

5. BIPV customization


size and shape

Color of glass, backsheet, solar cell


thickness and weight

Efficiency Options and Junction Box Combinations


Case Highlights

Xiamen Lianbang Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading technology company in the field of solar energy and related sustainable technologies. We have the experience, capability and financial viability required to successfully implement affordable wind & photovoltaic systems and on/off-grid power system solutions and products. We provide turnkey services including assessment, design, permitting, procurement, installation, commissioning, and operation and maintenance. We take a creative approach to designing photovoltaic systems so that they are price-competitive, high-performance and attractive.

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