Why is BIPV so popular?(part 2)

The following will introduce you to photovoltaic BIPV technology.

Why is BIPV so popular?(part 2)

1. BIPV panels for solar curtain wall systems

Solar panels used on walls can be used as a solar facade cladding solution for new facades (for integration) and existing facades for retrofitting facades, turning them into energy efficient building solutions. Our photovoltaic curtain wall modules are lightweight and competitively priced, so they can be chosen as building cladding options for visual appeal and energy efficiency.

Installing/fixing this type of solar facade matches the solutions already on the market, including custom fixing solutions of your design and choice. A ventilated solar facade is a viable solution as it offers many advantages: external wall insulation, external glazing, energy production, additional thermal performance, noise reduction. When using it as a second skin, it can be implemented on the existing facade to modernize it.

2. Solar panels for roof tiles and systems

Photovoltaic roof panels manufactured by Metsolar can be used on existing roofs or as a replacement for traditional roof tiles. When full fusion is required, use the different module design variants offered by Metsolar. Solar panels for roofs are designed and manufactured in a way that fits into existing mounting solutions or fits into your fixing system.

Solar panels for photovoltaic skylights

Roof Solar Panels

Solar panels as roof tiles

Photovoltaic Canopy Solutions

solar railing

Sun shade

3. BIPV application

Common BIPV applications and placement options. Additional applications and module integrations are available based on your needs.

Expectations in the field of construction BIPV

The global BIPV market revenue is expected to reach USD 11.56 billion in 2027. The PV installation market as a whole grew by 24% in 2019 and is expected to maintain a positive curve in the next few years.


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